As an agent I saw that many independent life insurance agencies only focused on clients that are starting out in their thirties and forties.

Bennett Bier licensed life insurance agent and owner of over50lifeinsure.com

Bennett Bier licensed life insurance agent and owner of over50lifeinsure.com

I decided that people over the age of fifty needed even more assistance securing life insurance for their families.

That is where I come in to walk you through the process and work with the carriers underwriting department for a successful approval.

As the licensed agent and owner of Over 50 Life Insure you will work with me directly to find affordable coverage that you can qualify for.

Our author Ryan Cravitz created this website to help clarify and simplify the information people over 50 need in making informed decisions on their life insurance needs.

Ryan Cravitz Author

Ryan Cravitz Author

We use modern technology such as Docusign, computer screen share software if needed, and the good old-fashioned telephone.

One of the things I have found throughout the years is that often people think that once they reach their 50’s, 60’s and especially once they get into their 70’s, and 80’s that life insurance is not attainable.

Some believe they won’t be able to get it.  Others believe they may be able to get approved for coverage, but that it will cost too much.

Understand that we have helped cancer survivors, people that have had heart attacks, and other serious health illnesses get affordable life insurance.

You should know that I am a big believer in life insurance.

However, don’t misunderstand me…

I don’t want you to buy more life insurance than you need or pay more for it then you absolutely need to.

By the same token though, I want to make sure you have at least the amount of coverage that you need…that your family needs.

Through stories of others, and through personal experiences my passion for what life insurance can do has continued to grow.

I’ll share two of those experiences with you…


When my dad was growing up his family was financially well to do.  That all changed though when my dad was 10.

My dad’s dad died of a heart attack at the very young age of 33.  He was an attorney and made a good living.

Unfortunately, he had absolutely no life insurance and my dad’s mom who hadn’t been in the workforce for several years had to figure out how to make a living and raise 3 young children.  It was quite a struggle to say the least.


I had sold a $400,000 life insurance policy to a 56 year old man.

He was planning to continue working until he was about age 65.  He figured at that age he could quit working and retire if he wanted to.

The policy would be there to make sure his wife was taken care of if something did happen to him before they were financially ready to retire.

Well he ended up being diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer at age 59 and passed away about year and half later.

The $400,000 could never replace her husband, but it did help her pay off the mortgage and help with other living expenses.

I am an independent agent with two decades of experience and represent dozens of the top companies.  Let us do the shopping for you and help you get the coverage you need.

We look forward to the opportunity to help you protect your family.