Should You Lose Weight Before Getting Life Insurance? [Will It Save You Money?]

Your overall build and BMI can have a dramatic impact on the amount you’ll need to pay for life insurance. However, if you are looking to lose a few pounds prior to applying, you should take the following factors into consideration.  How Does My Height and Weight Affect Life Insurance Costs? As you likely already…
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8 Factors That Can Affect Life Insurance Premiums

We all have the desire to ensure that our loved ones are protected. A recent study conducted within the life insurance industry by groups such as Life Happens and LIMRA, established that 102 million uninsured people across the United States believe that they need to get life insurance coverage or get more life insurance coverage…
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Life Insurance Quotes Over 70, How and Where to Get Them

A lot of people assume that the life insurance policy they acquired in their younger years will suit their needs later when they are older, i.e. over 70 years. On the flip side, the truth is that priorities, needs, and general life situations change all the time. So what your life looks like at 30/40…
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Best Term Life Insurance Over 50, Best Options Revealed

Term life or pure life insurance is a type of policy that provides coverage for a specific period of time, usually has a term length of 10-30 years. The coverage amount is guaranteed and the premiums are more affordable than most permanent types of life insurance.  It is referred to as ‘pure’ life insurance because…
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life insurance over 50

Do I Need Life Insurance After 50?

At the age of 50 or above, there is a huge dilemma as to whether life insurance is necessary or not. The conversation around age and life insurance has had a majority of people believe that it is not important for elderly people. Besides, most policies are designed to provide an income replacement during working…
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life insurance over 60

Life Insurance Quotes Over 60, Sample Rates and Coverage Types

A lot of people in their 60’s don’t realize they may need coverage and even those who do, hesitate to purchase policies. Most individuals assume that it is impossible to buy a reliable life insurance policy at that age given the possible health conditions as well as the ridiculously high prices.  That is not the…
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Life Insurance for Seniors with Pre-Existing Conditions, Getting Coverage

Individuals, especially seniors frequently imagine that they must be the perfect example of health and well-being to meet all requirements to obtain a life insurance policy. This is far from the truth. Just because you have certain ailments or pre-existing health issues does not mean you won’t qualify for a life insurance policy. You might…
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life insurance for seniors with diabetes

Life Insurance for Seniors with Diabetes

Attempting to find reasonable life insurance coverage as a senior with diabetes can be troublesome. Being that diabetes can cause life-threatening complications and reduced life expectancy, insurance companies will certainly factor that in when determining the rates they are willing to approve somebody for coverage, This owes to the fact that such people are riskier…
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Senior Life Insurance As Seen on TV?

Senior Life Insurance As Seen on TV You’ve probably seen a senior life insurance commercial on TV and left wondering how efficient it would be. After all, do senior individuals really need life insurance? And even if so, how does it all work and would make sense for you? The thing is, life insurance is…
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