Qualifying For Life Insurance With Migraines {Info You Need to Know}

Migraines are the third most common illness in the world. In the United States, there are around 39 Million people, of all ages, living with Migraines.

Do your Migraines last for a few hours or a few days? Has the pain caused you to be hospitalized or miss work?  Do you have a family history of Migraines?

Well, you aren’t the only one.

Remember, millions of people suffer with Migraines and they are still able to get quality 50+ life insurance coverage So why can’t you?

Listen, I help people over the age of 50 affordable life insurance all the time…even if they do have migraines. I can help you too!

The first thing I can tell you… Individuals with Migraines may receive a life insurance rating anywhere between Substandard Table Rating (below average costs) all the way to a Preferred Rating (the best price possible).

I put together everything you’ll need to know about applying for life insurance over the age of 50 with a history of Migraines.   

Insurance Rating Snapshot: Migraines

Check out this preview of how most insurance companies rate applicants suffering from Migraines.

  • Impact on Application: Typically Minor
  • Best Rating: Preferred (Premier Premium)
  • Worst Rating: Substandard/Table Rating (minimum of 25% rate up)
  • Common Rating: Standard (Average Premium)
  • Main Factors: Severity, Medications, Cause, Missed Work

Keep in mind, your rate class isn’t just about Migraines. Life insurers will also factor in any other health issues and risky lifestyle choices.

Migraine Rating Classes for Life Insurance

Many peopl are surprised by how many different rate and premium categories there are for life insurance.

So let’s first go over how life insurance rate classes work.

By going over the info I’m sharing below, you’ll be well-informed and ready to shop for life insurance once you’ve reached 50, 55, 60 or older.

We’ll start with the below chart showing all the different ratings, the criteria for assigning each rate class, and how ratings affect your monthly cost.

Rating ClassReason for Rating
Preferred PlusHealthiest, Lowest Risk Applicants
PreferredVery Healthy, Low Risk Applicants
Standard Fairly Healthy, Mild to Moderate Risk
Sub-Standard (aka Table Rating)Chronic Illness (Moderate to Severe)

Pro Tip: One insurance company might give you a Standard Rating and the next life insurer may give you a Substandard 2 Rating.

That’s why it’s so important to work with an experienced agent like myself.

You see, I can show you only the best life insurance companies for people over 50 and how they will look at your application.

You can rely on me to find the insurance carrier that’ll give your application the best possible rating.

Ratings for Migraine Sufferers

Insurance ratings for Migraine sufferers are pretty straightforward. It usually doesn’t get nearly as complicated as for applicants with other ailments such as alcoholism or kidney disease.

Preferred Rates

You can qualify for a Preferred Rating with the BEST pricing if your Migraines are classified as “mild”.

  • This usually means you’ve gotten Migraines in the past but not in the last few years.
  • You still get Migraines but infrequently.
  • You do not need medical care for your Migraines. Instead you treat yourself at home.
  • You don’t have other chronic diseases that could complicate your health in general OR bring on more frequent (or more severe) Migraines like high blood pressure.  

Standard Rates

You can qualify for a Standard Rating with average pricing if you’ve recently begun getting Migraines. Or if you’ve had to go to your doctor for regular treatments like Triptan drugs, Botox injections, or Antidepressants.

Substandard/Table Rates

You will most likely receive a Substandard (Table) Rating with more costly premiums if your Migraines are considered “moderate” in frequency and intensity. If you’re getting severe migraines on a regular basis, have been hospitalized because of a Migraine, or are in need of regular medical treatment.

If the description sounds like you BUT your doctor has been able to rule out serious issues, like tumors, then you MAY still be able to get a Standard Rating.


If you have been living with lengthy, incapacitating, or severe Migraines without seeking any help from your doctor, be prepared for a decline.

This is because you could be getting Migraines for no reason or for a deadly serious reason.

Life insurers will not want to take the risk of giving you a policy when they really aren’t sure of your health status.

Pro Tip: Make sure you’ve been evaluated by a physician before submitting an application. Save yourself the frustration and the wasted time.

Migraine Case Studies

Instead of talking in general terms, I find most people really like something to compare to their own situation.

So I’m doing the same thing for you. Here are examples of applicants with Migraines and the life insurance ratings they received.

Case Study #1

Joan is a 57 year old female, non-smoker. She has been getting Migraines for the last 40 years. They happen maybe twice a year. Joan had an MRI done about 20 years ago and nothing was found. She takes over-the-counter pills, usually Excedrin Migraine, to treat her headaches. Joan’s Migraines generally last 24 hours.

Joan received a Standard Rating with Average Premiums.

Case Study #2

Mary is a 61 year old female, non-smoker. Two years ago Mary got her first Migraine. It was so bad she had to go to the emergency room. Mary’s Migraines sometimes last up to two days. She regularly sees a neurologist and takes a prescription antidepressant pill (Amitriptyline) daily to help prevent Migraines. She also goes for Botox Injections a few times each year. So far the doctors have ruled out a tumor or other serious health issue.

Mary received a Substandard Table Rating of 3. She pays a 75% rate up in premium.

Case Study #3

Gary is a 59 year old male, non-smoker. He goes to the gym every day, eats a vegan diet, and maintains an overall healthy lifestyle. Gary has no chronic illnesses except for a Migraine once or twice a year (normally after he drinks too much red wine).

Gary’s Migraines last less than 24 hours and are without sensitivity to light or sound. He has no family history of Migraines. Gary just takes Alleve or Excedrin Migraine when he isn’t feeling well.

Gary received a Preferred Rating with the lowest premium available.

The Application: Basic Life Insurance Information

Life insurers will review basic information about you to help figure out your rating.

Here’s the general questions you’ll be asked….

  1. Age, height, weight
  2. Occupation
  3. History of drug or alcohol use
  4. Prescription, medical, surgical history
  5. Past hospitalizations
  6. Hobbies
  7. Driving record
  8. Tobacco use

Pro Tip: Tobacco users get special “tobacco rates” which are a lot higher than for non-smokers. If you have given up using tobacco a minimum of 12 months ago then you can get lower, non-smoker pricing.

Every life insurer deals differently with tobacco use so we’ll need to work together to find the best insurance company for your needs.

The Application: Migraine Questions

I made you a list of the most frequently asked Migraine questions. You should expect these will be on your application for sure.

When were you first diagnosed with Migraines?

If you were diagnosed with Migraines within the last year, it will be hard to get a Standard Rating.

You see, life insurers believe the longer you’ve had Migraines then the more you know about properly managing them.

Also, if you’ve had Migraines for some time then it’s assumed you have received the proper diagnosis and treatment plan by now.

Remember, insurance carriers are always checking to be sure you’re keeping up on your treatment plan and are medically stable.

What’s the frequency of your Migraine headaches?

Less often Migraines means a lower risk for the insurance carrier. So they will like hearing that your Migraines are not a regular occurrence.

If you do get “frequent” (usually defined as several times per month) Migraines then the insurer will suspect you may have another, more serious health issue.

For example, some people suffer from light sensitivity during their Migraines. Usually that is considered a side effect of such severe headaches.  
However, it could be that the person actually has Photophobia which is caused by something serious like meningitis or a pituitary tumor.  

Do you take any medications to treat or prevent your Migraines?

It’s perfectly normal to take over-the-counter drugs to get rid of Migraines. NSAIDS and analgesics usually do help control the symptoms.

However, insurance companies know that taking too much of these pills can cause harm to your body. It may even impact your heart rate.

The insurer will ask if you are able to control your Migraines when using the medication.

If not, the life insurer will assume you have underlying medical issues that are causing your Migraines to persist.

Have you had any diagnostic testing done in the last year?

Insurance companies will be interested if you’ve had diagnostic testing done within the last 12 months.

Basically they’re asking if you’ve had an X-Ray, MRI, or CT that can prove your Migraines aren’t symptoms of a bigger health problem.

Do you know what is causing your Migraines?

If you do know what’s bringing about your Migraines then, it’s assumed, you know how to avoid those triggers and keep your headaches at bay. This is a good thing in the eyes of the insurer.

Of course, if you also know that your Migraines aren’t the result of a more serious condition….that’s a bonus for you too.

How do you manage your Migraines?

You’ll want to let the insurance company know all your tricks for avoiding Migraines.

  • Are you skipping certain foods like caffeine or alcohol?
  • Do you exercise more?
  • Map your triggers and then avoid those in the future?
  • Do you rely on a massage therapist or chiropractor for help?

Do you have a family history of Migraines?

Talking about your family medical history on a life insurance application is the norm. In the case of Migraines, it’s REALLY important.

That’s because about 90% of Migraine sufferers have a family history of Migraines.

Let me help you today

One billion people worldwide live with the pain and inconvenience of Migraines.

Don’t fool yourself by thinking most of those people aren’t able to secure an affordable life insurance plan.

You can bet, they still get great life insurance that will protect their family’s financial futures…and you can too. I can help you today!

To get started give me a call.  I look forwarding to an opportunity to help you protect your family.  

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