The best life insurance for a 50 year to get will depend on why they need it. The two major types of life insurance are term and permanent (whole) life.

Best Life Insurance For 50 Year Old

The best life insurance for you to buy when you are 50 years old depends on the reason you are wanting to buy life insurance.  Let’s face it, life insurance is not something somebody typically buys unless they need it for some reason. I know you don’t want to think about it, but if you…
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There are many option for life insurance for those over the age of 65.

Life Insurance Over 65, What You Should Get

Too often we talk to people that think that they can’t get life insurance once they get past the age of 65.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Certainly it’s going to cost more than what it would cost if you were in your 30’s or 40’s for example.  Nevertheless there are plenty of…
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100k Whole Life Insurance, Rates, Alternatives and Why Get It?

If you’re looking for 100k in whole life insurance, then chances are your needs for life insurance are more permanent than getting a typical term life insurance policy. Especially when you’re getting life insurance over 50, your reasons for getting coverage tend to be different than in your early 30’s.  Let’s dive into what you…
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life insurance company review

Senior Life Insurance Company Reviews, What are the Best Companies?

There are a lot of insurance companies today, which means there is a lot of competition in the market, with a lot of life insurance companies to review. This is why seniors struggle with getting the right insurance companies for themselves and others are not aware that there are companies and products made just for…
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5 million whole life insurance

5 Million Whole Life Insurance, What You Need and Alternative Options

While a lot of companies offer whole life insurance, the value of the coverage you receive depends on a number of factors. This article will help you understand whole life insurance better, how to know if you qualify for 5 million in coverage, and companies that offer 5 million coverage for whole life insurance.  What…
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cost of life insurance at 62

Cost of Life Insurance at Age 62?

If you’re a senior who is considering life insurance, it’s important to do some research. You should always make sure you understand a life insurance policy before you commit to it. There are so many different types of life insurance, and they each offer something a little bit different. It’s important to make sure you…
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term life vs whole life for seniors

Is Term or Whole Life Insurance Better for Seniors?

If you’re a senior that is considering life insurance, you have a few options to choose from. It’s important to compare your options so you get the best policy for your needs. You don’t want to simply choose the cheapest or most convenient life insurance available. There is a lot that goes into selecting a…
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costco life insurance review

Costco Life Insurance Review – Is It a Good Option for Seniors?

When you think about life insurance, you probably don’t think about purchasing a policy at Costco. Few people know that Costco even offers life insurance policies among the wholesale and bulk items available. You might be skeptical about Costco life insurance. Many people are because Costco doesn’t seem like a place that would offer life…
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how much is life insurance for 55 year old?

How Much is Life Insurance for a 55 Year Old?

Life insurance is a necessity for anyone that has financial responsibilities or dependents that will be hurt financially by an untimely death no matter the age. While its best to get it early, there is never a time where it’s too late. If you have financial responsibilities, then you need life insurance. The thing is,…
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