50 year old life insurance

How Much is Life Insurance For a 50-Year-Old?

Life insurance plays a unique role in all the stages of your life. The reason you’d take out a life insurance policy at 25 years might not be the same reason you take out a life insurance policy when you turn 50 years old. The type of insurance policy you need is dependent on several…
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How Much is Life Insurance For a 70-Year-Old?

There is no inappropriate age for taking out a life insurance policy. The earlier you get coverage, the better, but that does not mean that you shouldn’t consider getting life insurance at 70 years of age. There could be a number of reasons why you will need to buy life insurance at that age. Life…
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How Much is Life Insurance for a 40-year-old?

If you’re thinking about life insurance and you are in your forties, there is no better time to purchase some than now. If you want some peace of mind to ensure that your family will be supported if anything happens to you, then buying life insurance can be seen as an act of love. There…
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20 vs 30 year term

20 vs 30-year Term Life Insurance, What You Need

If you’re considering term life insurance, then wondering about the length you need is a common concern. Term life insurance is an excellent decision for individuals with a family, a home, and other financial obligations they want to cover if anything happens to them. When you purchase term life insurance, then you know you’ll have…
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term life insurance cost at age 50

Cost of Term Life Insurance at Age 50, What to Expect

Once you reach your fifties, you know you’re at a huge transition point in your life. While most major adulthood life changes people commonly think about revolve around new homeownership, a wedding, and parenthood, things still change even as you get older. That means you’ll need to consider your financial plans and how your family…
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How Much Life Insurance Does a 50-Year-Old Need?

Times are changing swiftly, and families are constantly evolving as a result. For example, the estimated age of first-time mothers continues to be on the rise since the early 1980s. Also, most Americans have less than a thousand dollars in their savings accounts. These startling statistics suggest that more individuals in their 50s today still…
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How Much is Life Insurance for a 55-Year Old?

So, is it a wise decision to consider life insurance once you turn age fifty-five? For several individuals, purchasing life insurance once reaching the age of fifty-five is still a wonderful strategy, even if your children are fully grown. Many individuals who have young children or are newly married take out term life insurance plans…
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Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance for Seniors Over 70

Choosing a life insurance policy is a lot of work, especially if you are a senior trying to get affordable rates without adding anything extra that you don’t need. However, everyone’s needs are different. But if you have started to look into Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance, because you would like to have lifetime protection you’re…
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Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance for Seniors

With so many options for Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance for seniors, it can be overwhelming to know which policy is the best for you. Seniors in particular have a whole different set of needs than someone who is younger and just starting out. Unfortunately, what comes with the age is the hefty price point of…
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