Even if you are 50+ it is possible to get life insurance if you've had bypass surgery.

Heart Bypass Surgery and Over 50 Life Insurance

Coronary artery bypass graft surgery, aka CABG (pronounced “cabbage”), is the fancy, technical name for heart bypass surgery. It is a common technique where cardiologists essentially reroute blood flow around a blocked artery so the heart may continue to pump properly and avoid a possible heart attack.   Surgeons use the patient’s own arteries or veins…
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Your family history can have an impact on the life insurance rates that you are able to qualify for.

How Family History Affects Your Life Insurance Rates

Most people realize that the amount that they will have to pay for life insurance will depend on their medical history, driving record, and other lifestyle habits. However, often times people don’t realize that perhaps their families medical history could affect their rates. So…if you are over 50 years old does your family history matter…
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The rates you will have to pay for life insurance with osteoporosis will depend on several factors including the date diagnosed, type, and level of control.

Over 50 Life Insurance for those with Osteoporosis

Along with age comes a host of problems and concerns.  For most, the state of their health comes into sharper focus.  That might prompt them to think about over 50 life insurance. For some who’ve had an illness diagnosed, their needs might be more top of mind. If you are needing to buy life insurance…
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No exam life insurance can be a good option especially because of the convenience factor.

No Exam Life Insurance Does Not Mean No Underwriting

When applying for over 50 life insurance some policies require you to take a medical exam, and others do not. I talk to people all the time that tell me that they only want to apply for no exam life insurance.  I can totally understand. Who really wants to have to fast for 8 hours?…
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If you have had stent surgery and your 50+ you can get life insurance at affordable rates. Of course, if you have multiple stents or other health issues that may not be the case.

Best Rates for Over 50 Life Insurance After Stent Surgery

Can you get over 50 life insurance if you have had stent surgery?  I will answer that and more in this article. Look…here’s the deal… It is estimated that nearly 600,000 people go through coronary angioplasty procedures each year. For most of those individuals, implantation of a permanent coronary stent is part of having a…
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Tobacco rates are higher than non tobacco rates for life insurance. Also, it's important to know what type of tobacco you use because depending on the type you may be able to get non smoker rates.

How Does Tobacco Use Affect Your Life Insurance Rates?

 If you are looking for the most affordable over 50 life insurance policy you can with a history of tobacco use then keep on reading.   Well, here’s the question.  How does tobacco use affect the amount you will have to pay for life insurance? The short answer…it depends.  It will depend upon what type of…
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When you are over 50 you can get life insurance even if you're liver enzymes are elevated. The key is to know why the liver enzymes are elevated.

Elevated Liver Function Tests and Over 50 Life Insurance

So you had blood work completed and the results revealed elevated liver function. Now what? What should you expect when trying to secure an over 50 life insurance policy? Will elevated liver enzymes ultimately keep you from buying the protection your family deserves? I won’t tell you a lie. Life insurance carriers will be curious,…
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Many people will be approved at either preferred or standard rates. However, otherwise may be approved at an increased. It really depends on the level of control and the impact anxiety has on your day to day life.

Anxiety and Over 50 Life Insurance

Anxiety is common among today’s hurried and stressed American society. Most men and women will feel anxious at some point in time as a result of big life changes (i.e. divorce, health crisis, new job) or small daily inconveniences (i.e. traffic, missed appointment, home repair). However, for approximately 42 Million Americans, living with an anxiety…
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You can get life insurance in your 50's and 60's with Fiibromayalgia. The cost that you will have to pay will depend on if it's classified as mild, moderate or severe

3 Important Tips for Fibromyalgia and Over 50 Life Insurance

It is estimated anywhere between 4 Million to 10 Million Americans are currently living with the chronic and complicated pain syndrome known as Fibromyalgia. This illness is frequently debilitating and, unfortunately, there is no available cure at this time. In addition, Fibromyalgia comes on mysteriously and the specific cause is often unknown. The one silver…
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